The Guyana Government Can Invite The ICC To Prosecute Bharrat Jagdeo

30th November 2017 I.K. Cush 1

Responding to questions about the Guyana Government’s refusal to prosecute that country’s former president, Bharatt Jagdeo, for crimes against humanity, Fadi El Abdallah advised that […]

Groundbreaking African architecture is shedding a colonial past and identifying its own aesthetic

25th September 2017 Online Editor 0

The first Africa Architecture Awards will be held this month. It’s easy to be cynical about handing out trophies when so much development still needs to happen […]

‘WWF-funded’ anti-poaching patrols accused of committing atrocities against locals to protect African wildlife

25th September 2017 Online Editor 0

A report alleges Baka people were beaten, had hot wax poured onto exposed skin and were maimed with red-hot machetes. Anti-poaching patrols in central Africa have been […]

Black owned banks in danger

23rd September 2017 Pascal Archimede 0

The Real African|| By Pascal Archimede The economic empowerment of a community necessarily involves the management of their financial resources within their own banking establishments. African-American […]

China’s audacious infrastructure plans could put a major strain on African economies

13th September 2017 Online Editor 0

It has been described by Chinese president Xi Jinping as the “project of the century”. And the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is certainly ambitious. A massive […]

A shift in thinking is needed to counter South Africa’s startling rise in poverty

10th September 2017 Online Editor 0

South Africa urgently needs new policy ideas to reverse the alarming increase in poverty among its population. New figures reveal an increase of three million […]

Marginalization, perceived abuse of power pushing Africa’s youth to extremism – UN study

9th September 2017 Online Editor 0

Deprivation, marginalization and perceived state violence or abuse of power are pushing young Africans into the clutches of violent extremism, a groundbreaking study by the […]