Black owned banks in danger

23rd September 2017 Pascal Archimede 0

The Real African|| By Pascal Archimede The economic empowerment of a community necessarily involves the management of their financial resources within their own banking establishments. African-American […]

China’s audacious infrastructure plans could put a major strain on African economies

13th September 2017 Online Editor 0

It has been described by Chinese president Xi Jinping as the “project of the century”. And the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is certainly ambitious. A massive […]

Zimbabwean inventor showcases drone, electric car and helicopter he made

10th August 2017 Online Editor 0

A Zimbabwean inventor is showcasing various disruptive technologies and solutions that are putting Africa on the global technological map. All over Africa, a lot of […]

12 Ways In Which Tech Is Uplifting The Agricultural Industry In Africa

4th August 2017 Online Editor 0

As with many sectors in modern business, the agricultural industry in Africa is embracing technology to enhance productivity and ensure a more profitable future while […]