Genetic Fact: People born in Africa are 100% Pure Human, the rest has some Neanderthal blood

10th March 2017 Online Editor 19

“New reports from Harvard researcher Dr. David Reich: ALL non-African people share Neanderthal DNA. The implications of these findings are ENORMOUS! This means Darwinian evolutionary […]

Why too many mothers are still dying during childbirth in West Africa

10th March 2017 Online Editor 0

One way of reducing maternal mortality rates in West Africa is the growing ubiquity of technology, particularly mobile phones and accessible data. Maternal mortality rates […]

U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel

10th March 2017 Online Editor 0

The history of slavery in the United States justifies reparations for African Americans, argues a recent report by a U.N.-affiliated group based in Geneva. This conclusion […]