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The Real African is an open platform and we invite all our followers to send us their articles or letters so we can share them through our Real African Writers channel.

Your content should adhere to the guidelines stipulated in the editorial policy.

You can submit videos, pictures, documents as well as text


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The Real African Editorial Policy

The editor reserves the right to determine whether material submitted for publication shall be printed and reserves the right to edit as needed, for space, libelous statements, or personal unwarranted attacks. All material submitted must be signed (name withheld upon request). Opinions are those of the individual writer and not necessarily those of the editor or the executive board.

Opinions expressed by the writers of articles on this platform are those of the individual and not necessarily those of the editor or Real African Media. Articles submitted for publication mostly deal with issues, not personalities. Articles and letters to the editor should be typewritten, if possible, and must be signed, although names will be withheld upon request.

Anonymous, pseudonyms and letters dealing with personalities will not be printed. The editor reserves the right to edit letters and articles for style, grammar, spelling and length. The associate editor reserves the exclusive right to judge each letter and article according to these criteria, in the sole interest of libel exposure and good old commonsense fairness.

The editor shall be responsible for the editing of all material submitted to The Real African pertaining to label, spelling, grammar, violations of international laws and regulations, length, etc. At no time shall the editor alter the motive, intent or direction of an article. Should any conflict arise, all reasonable effort should be made to contact the writer. Articles may also be presented to the editorial advisory committee if deemed necessary.

The Real African encourages letters to the editor from the readership. We ask, however, that they be legible. The writer’s name, address and telephone number for verification must be included, and must be signed.

Submission does not guarantee publication. The Real African reserves the right to make any changes necessary to accepted articles. Opinions expressed in this outlet are not necessarily those of the editor or officers of the local.

For more information please contact the Editor using the details below:

The Editor Email:
Phone: +27 11 325 2008
WhatsApp: +27 81 383 1554