A date with history.The crushing victory over the British Empire by the Ashanti Kingdom: The Battle of Nsamankow.

9th December 2017 Nii Commey 0

The Battle of Nsamankow was a battle between the United Kingdom and the Ashanti Empire that took place in 1824 as part of the First Anglo-Ashanti War. The British force under Charles MacCarthy was […]

See who was behind the murder of Muammar Gaddafi? Will he be brought to the ICC?

9th December 2017 Nii Commey 0

A French secret serviceman acting on the express orders of Nicolas Sarkozy is suspected of murdering Colonel Gaddafi, it was sensationally claimed today. He is […]

The fraudulent International Criminal Court and the sad case of Laurent Gbagbo

8th December 2017 Nii Commey 0

Recently I found myself sitting in an outdoor café in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, sipping South African wine and mulling over the continent’s problems. My lunch […]