The Guyana Government Can Invite The ICC To Prosecute Bharrat Jagdeo

30th November 2017 I.K. Cush 1

Responding to questions about the Guyana Government’s refusal to prosecute that country’s former president, Bharatt Jagdeo, for crimes against humanity, Fadi El Abdallah advised that […]

European Union Condemns the “Scourge” Of Enforced Disappearances at U.N. Convention; Notably Absent From Gathering, Guyana

3rd March 2017 I.K. Cush 0

The Real African|| By I.K. Cush  Deputy Head of the European Delegation to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Ambassador Joanne Adamson, condemned the “scourge” […]

U.N. Body Investigating Guyana’s Ex-President For Crimes Against Humanity

19th January 2017 I.K. Cush 0

The Real African|| By I.K. Cush Seventeen years ago, an African Guyanese citizen, Frantz Britton, aka, Collie Wills, was kidnapped and presumed murdered by Guyana’s […]