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Colonial powers wherever they invaded went along with their missionaries whose role was the brainwashing of the invaded subjects with religions. They were responsible for inculcating in the African mind, a white god and a black satan to instill inferiority within the colonial subjects. The inferiority complex which most Africans still suffer from, led to abandonment of their identity/ways of doing things for easy manipulation/exploitation by whites.

Demonstration lesson in a German colonial school in Dar es Salaam

All the infrastructure(roads, schools, hospitals etc) colonial powers provided were merely accidental adjuncts to facilitate exploitation of colonial subjects.  All the roads and railway lines they constructed led to the MINING and PLANTATION centres.

They built hospitals not because they wanted to see Ghanaians in good health but because if the health needs of the people are not taken care of, it would diminish productivity which would amount to a loss to the imperialist.


Whites do not only COLONIZE lands, they colonize MINDS too. They are experts in distortion/corruption of information to their advantage. One area which was of key interest to colonial missionaries was the provision of schools.

The building of SCHOOLS was the sole preserve of MISSIONARIES. Missionaries were responsible for building schools and training colonial subjects not because they wanted them civilized but to provide CHEAP LABOUR to facilitate mercantile concerns within the colonies. Colonial subjects were not taught practical advanced economics, politics that would lead to total freedom from imperialism and all the relevant sciences; instead they were made to spend much time learning English, French, Arabic etc per the command of the colonial power in charge of the conquered territory.

They made the ability to speak  their language as the only measure of intelligence at the detriment of the conquered subjects languages. Till date, most Africans still hold on to this misconception that the ability to speak English, French, German and other white languages is truly a sign of intelligence.

Also, missionaries. were responsible for teaching colonial students about a supposed END TIME when all would be destroyed, therefore critical thinking and its application to promote advancement within the colonies were IRRELEVANT. The END TIME philosophy which was used to disinterest Africans in their resources is still been passed on today.

Another role of missionaries which was of relevance to imperial powers was the brainwashing of slaves before being transported across the Atlantic. Missionaries made Africans believe their suffering in the hands of whites was divine and that in the end they would make it to heaven. Africans believed and hardly revolted against their slave masters; the brainwashing of the African was one of the reasons slavery lasted for over 400years.

Religions should be scrapped from our education curricula not only for its irrelevance steming out of unsubstantiated and ridiculous claims but it is also an established Fact that children brought up in Religion can hardly tell Fact from Fiction hence grow into DELUSIONAL adults. Religious facts distracts and distorts our search for verifiable truth hence  our inability to develop.

Using the Prempeh High School guys praying in the photo(during NMSQ)as an example, it is obvious that they are christians and therefore believe in creationist stories(Adam and Eve etal) it is also obvious that as science students they are being taught about evolution/Darwin and his cohorts in which they equally hold a conviction. In this case, how does it work? What is the correlation between creationism and Darwinian concepts? The end result is nothing but Mental disaster.

 The next time as an African/ghanaian, it crosses your mind that missionaries(presbyterians, catholics, methodists etc) provided education for us–RETHINK. Their education was never meant to civilize us thats why for years we’ve been engaging in it, we can hardly develop.

Source: Serwaa Ampaafo || Africa Wakes

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