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1.Mathew 19:23 “Then jesus said to his disciples, i tell you the TRUTH, it is difficult for a rich man to enter heaven”.

2.Luke 6:20 “Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.

3.Luke 16:19-31″The story of lazarus and the Rich man”; Lazarus went to heaven and the rich man went to hell.


Poverty is experienced by many across the globe and rising out could be nearly impossible; most die out of it daily.

Religion helps many to accept this condition as a divine will. Infact the invention of religions was the Master-mind of ancient upper class to maintain the status-quo. They constantly advised the poor to be content with their fate because it was gods will hence heaven awaits them.The story of Lazarus and the rich man was a further corroborative why the poor had to accept their state without fighting it.  

Religions were very relevant to the ancient upper class because it was the only tool that could keep the poor from revolting against the ill and oppressive system created by the Rich which sort to rip the poor off their little in the form of tithes and taxes which ensured they were always in a poor state; this led to the favorite Bonaparte saying “without religion, the poor would murder the Rich”.

Fast forward to today, religions still possess capitalists undertones and continue to feed on the poor and feeble minds in search of an end to their problems.

With POPULATION CONTROL, a relevant tool for managing and ensuring quality distribution of wealth/commodities which could curb poverty to a point, is grossly disregarded by religions. Religions encourage procreation among its followers regardless of global circumstances. In the case of christianity, Genesis 1:8 ” Be fruitful, fill the earth, multiply and subdue it” perfectly captures the propaganda it seeks to perpetuate.

Religions further brainwashes its follows not to worry about what they would eat or wear for the lord would provide. In the christian case, they brainwash them with the fictional manna fall from heaven and casting their burdens upon their lord. Infact all they need is faith to make them happen but you see, faith is Risky and expensive. Doubt rather is the virtue; it is humble, careful, wise and always has a second plan.

The concept of Faith inherent in almost all religions makes one negligent/irresponsible on the major and our current state as Africans/ghanaians who are heavily drunk with religions is a corroborative case for the effects of faith. We keep electing evil/bad leaders hoping that a god or an imaginary being would intervene to help turn things around when in reality we could have taken measures or planned measures to resort to, to avoid such.

Religion as a cooperative possess millions of dollars to end global poverty/suffering but just like politics, it has never been about the people.

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