Book Review: Bitch Planet by Deconnick De Landro

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Sometimes I like to put down the economic books and long novels and I often read and settle into a graphic novel that captures my imagination. Bitch Planet by De Landro is one of those graphic novels that will both capture the imagination and leave the reader truly perplexed at what an alternative patriarchal future might look like. A couple months ago a female friend of mine recommended I read the first book of Bitch Planet as an alternative read, and I was hooked within the first book. The basis of the graphic novel Bitch Planet is that sometime in the near future men have found a way to control every aspect of society and rule an excessively truly patriarchal system of governance that disenfranchises women on the planet. If women make the slightest social infractions they are sent to an alternative planet nick named “Bitch Planet” to serve out their terms. While on this planet they live in a prison world where their human rights are scant to non existent. For the entertainment of the people on earth they are forced to make teams and engage in a violent game which is a mixture between basketball and soccer where all out one on one combat during the course of the game is allowed similar to the brawls you seek in ice hockey but without the protective gear. It is through engaging in this game that the woman on the planet find a way to acquire more rights and a potential reprieve to rejoin the human population on earth from Bitch Planet. This book finds a way to show the dangers of patriarchy if left uncontrolled and unchecked in the near future and unmatched with a more humanistic element of matriarchy. If societies are to be truly reflective of the more human elements they will need to be infused with the feminine as well as the masculine and to some degree even minimize the masculine where possible. The last two World Wars have shown the dangers of governance systems, which are lead by the patriarchy with limited feminine interventions. And in his book De Landro intimates that left unchecked, the patriarchal system poses one of the greatest threats to our survival as a human race. Although this book is more fantasy than what is to come it is an interesting scenario of what the world might look like in the future if the patriarchal system which many of the world finds itself in now remains unchecked with a balance of the feminine influence.  This book comes recommended from the Real Africa desk as alternative reading and as a statement of the dangers and limitations of patriarchy in our contemporary society.


Dumani Mandela

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