The Inspiring Story Of How 3 Friends Are Building Africa’s Most Promising Software Company.

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Mazzuma is a payments app that works primarily with mobile money. The name was derived from the English word ‘Mazuma’ which means money (you can look that up).

Mazzuma can be used to pay bills, buy airtime and send money. When it comes to sending money with it, you can easily send money from your MTN Mobile Money account to someone on Airtel Money, Tigo Cash or Vodafone Cash and it can be the other way round as well. Same applies to buying airtime. You can buy airtime for friends on Tigo, even when you are on MTN, without walking to the streets to buy that scratch card. Talk of paying bills, you can pay your DSTV bills, GOtv, Surfline bundle and more.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that, you can perform all of these payments right on Facebook Messenger with their automated mobile money agent they created with Artificial Intelligence. YEAH, I would drop the links at the end of the article.

The creators of this amazing product completed their first degree in 2016. Nii studied Computer Science at University of Ghana, Legon while Kofi studied Business Administration at Ashesi University. David is studying Medicine at Semmelweis University in Hungary.

Throughout my interview with them, I was dazzled with the things they told me. With such a great business idea, I asked them if they ever tried raising funds from Investors but they told me, they never did and relied on their own personal savings, grants from friends and family and paid projects from clients to develop, their first flagship app, which is Mazzuma.
From what I gathered, they just decided to stay away from investors because they didn’t want anyone to interfere with how they want to shape their company and wanted to stick to their vision without any pressure from investors.

Combining school and work was one of their toughest challenges but they still managed to sail through and are now working full time. I was curious to find out how they’ve managed to come this far as friends and the response was obvious—Loyalty, trust and commitment to what they do.
When I asked them what advise they would give to someone who also has an idea but is lost and loosing hope, they all gave the response: ‘Perseverance, Perseverance, Perseverance, Never Give Up, Keep Pushing’.

I would follow their trail and bring you more updates on what they will be doing next but I am confident these guys are going to be in the list of young millionaires in the country and even the world very soon.

These boys have a focus and know what they are about.
I enjoyed every bit of the interview I had with them and was very impressed with what they’ve achieved. Maybe, I would post a video from their office at East Legon soon. It’s very exhilarating to know that there are some great young achievers in this country. Kudos, Team CYST.

Maybe you would want to find out more about their app, MAZZUMA, so I would drop some links below for you, so you take a look at it. Let me know what you think.

Source||By Mills
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