Time names Colin Kaepernick one of the 100 most influential people in the world

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Colin Kaepernick
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It’s an honor that the recipient probably doesn’t really want right now.

Time has named free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick one of the 100 most influential people in the world, via Today.com (by way of SportsBusiness Daily). Kaepernick, who also landed on the cover of Time during the 2016 season, drew considerable attention and respect for his decision not to stand during the National Anthem preceding every NFL game.

The problem is that he also drew scorn and derision from many NFL fans and perhaps plenty of owners, coaches, and executives. It’s widely believed that Kaepernick’s lingering unemployment arises in whole or in part from his decision in 2016 not to stand for the National Anthem.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady also appears on the list, along with other sports figures. But Kaepernick’s name stands out the most — primarily because he’s the only one not gainfully employed.

Source: NBC Sport|| By Mike Florio
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  1. I think you miss the point my brother. Colin Kapernick knew what the risk were when he took his stand. He is an educated, deep thinking brother. Not only did he realize the consequences, but I’m quite sure if he spoke to those he trust most about his decision, they probably told him the same thing that he was thinking, this is professional suicide, anytime a Black stands straight and demands to be treated as a man…this is white Amerikkka’s response. The lesson that we should be teaching our young ones is that no matter what your platform may be, athlete, doctor, or lawyer, use your platform to advance your people, not just yourself. I am quite sure this brother would love to be playing football again, hell he’s good and has already shown that he can carry a team. But I bet you anything that he is good with where he’s at and understands that he just may have martyred his career…but he loves his people and I bet he’s ok with his decision and the publicity that being one of the 100 most influential brings…I’m just saying…

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