Rwanda Lawmakers Approve Swahili As The Official Language, Dropping French Completely

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Rwanda lawmakers approve Swahili as the official Language of the country, dropping French completely and sidelining English

People said: “This is good,really good but such a move leaves the Belgian (the former colonizer) and French authorities furious. I will not be surprised if a few months from France imposes sanctions on Rwanda or increases its funding to opposition parties or releases a report on Kagame’s government poor service delivery and human rights violations.

Rwanda is setting an example for the rest of the African countries. Its about time we drop the colonial legacy and go back to our roots. After all there is no European with an African name or African language as their official language…..Good job Rwanda, wake the rest of the sleeping countries up.


This is great development, if Rwanda still hold on that colonial tight with France, they would not have gone this far, France is evil blood suckered, they keep developing and building their country, But most Country they colonize are living in objective poverty, they dominated their entire existence.

The African Union should rise and liberate the African from France and western imperialism.

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    • As an American of African descent, I’m so happy to hear this good news! in my opinion, Africa and continental Africans need a cultural/racial renaissance, a re-awakening of their glorious past! My organization; THE INSTITUTE FOR THE ANALYSIS OF BLACK THOUGHT, has adopted the following phrase: AFRICA: LAND OF THE BEGINNING! Science, not wishful thinking, has proven that Humanity, culture and civilization began in Africa! Africans around the world must know and absorb that fact! We are the oldest ‘race’ on the planet Earth! We must know and celebrate that, make it part of our educational systems across the scope and breath of Africa! Language is a psychological/mental experience; reclaiming ancient African languages is but one step in reclaiming oneself, one’s history, one’s Humanity! I say without question that Africa and her people, both on the Continent and throughout the African Nasaba, have been under assault for the last 500 years; that Africa has suffered slander, libel and defamation against the name, character, image and reputation of the entire race and the deliberate destruction of African history that comes before all others! This assault must be addressed and rectified! I would love to see Swahili become the lingua franca of the entire continent, not replacing other native regional tongues but one that serves as a means of unified continent-wide means of communication so that no matter where you live and what local/regional languages you speak, everyone could communicate through Swahili! One African language that unifies the entire African continent is a dream I would love see come true!!

    • It is a matter of time! After all Swahili is the official language of Africa. This a good move, I hope Africa will adopt it as a national language one day! Why not, even if we Eritreans have our own national language, this can be a huge move for all Africans if they all adopt Swahili as their second, third national language followed by English and then other language, French for example?

  1. If that happens, it would be an ill-advised move. French is no longer simply a language of France. Neither is English simply a language of the UK. Swahili is not completely African. A lot of African countries don’t have Swahili, but all have either English or French, some have both. The two are the languages of the world. You can’t ignore them and remain relevant. Swahili can be one of the National languages like on Kenya. Not the only one.

  2. It is not absolutely right for Rwanda to adopt Kiswahili and abandon French. Effective communication should be facilitated by convenience in the languages used. Integration and foreign relations is very important in a state’s development strategy. French is used in quite a number of blocs and development agencies which would give Rwanda a friendly platform for negotiations. But it is their decision…

  3. They are adding Swahili to Kinyarwanda, English, and French. They are not dropping French (though I could understand it if they did). How can an article get the main point of a story so completely wrong?

  4. This is first of all political. It’s not that Rwanda authorities like Swahili but it’s because Kagame hates France. France helped Ex-FAR to fight against RPF before 1994. It’s so sad that Rwandan people have to pay these. Many rwandan apply for visas to France, visits or studies, Swahili will not bring anything more to our economy, english is enough for us to communicate with easter-african countries.

    Kagame only thinks for people came from Uganda who do not speak French and enable to learn it, those people should not decide for everyone. This will not change since Kagame the dictator will still on power. Rwandan have no other choices, the power prisoners in their country.

    • You are anti-African. If France developed this universities that attract Rwanda. What stops Rwandans from developing university to that level. Africa will not rise when you are still dependent on France for everything.

  5. In the spirit of East African Community, hiyo ni sawa sawa..ndugu zetu wataweza kujumuika nasi vyema..karibuni..Kiswahili kitukuzwe!

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