Does The Black Church Help or Hurt The Black Community?

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20060426 - TAMPA - Frank Myles (cq), of Tampa, prays near the end of a Bible study and worship service on Wednesday night (4/26/06) at the Bible-Based Fellowship Church. STORY SUMMARY - Praise and worship service/Bible study at Bible-Based Fellowship Church. (Times photo by Brian Cassella)
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Let me first say, that I do not write this to be controversial in any way, I write this as someone who is very concerned about issues that plague the black community. Like many of you, I have family members who faithfully attend church whether it’s service on Sunday or bible study on Wednesday.

allblackmediaHistorically speaking, church was a place of worship where our ancestors collected valuable information and the spiritual guidance needed to overcome the many issues they dealt with. Whether it was Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, or Deacons For Defense the black church was once an organized front that played a pivotal role in black liberation.

However, it’s difficult to say the same for churches of today and how impactful their influence is on the current generation. Many of the issues that plague the black community such as greed, selfishness, and lack of education have long found their way into the black church. So much so, in fact, that members are constantly exposed to drama and entertainment. A major part of the problem in some church organizations can be seen in how followers handle adversity within the church. Many allow leaders to escape with serving their own selfish agendas such as misusing church funds, sleeping with church members, or even child molestation.

We are now living in the days of the megachurch, a multimillion dollar infrastructure filled with flamboyant pastors and an unprecedented amount of members. CNN reports that a single megachurch makes on average 6.5 million a year. While this number looks great on paper, the unemployment rate within the black community is at an all-time high. According to The Department of Labor, 20.7 percent of black men and women are currently unemployed. This number is more than twice of that of white men and women who’s currently at 10.3 percent.

So what exactly are these million dollar empires collectively doing to help improve the current status of the black community?

In this video, apostle David E. Taylor exposes himself and the common greed that lies within many church leaders of today.

Source: All Black Media|| By Chris Jones
This article originally appeared on All Black Media. Read the original article here.

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  1. Now at 64, and as I look back at “CHURCH”, nothing has improved the AA, Black, N’r whatever we mean to you all, It has been an OPEN (free to come and go) prison. Dr. Fred Price started the “Break Out Of Traditon in the 80s”) and attempted to retrain that willie lynch thinking to one of prosperity and being worth something.

  2. The Black Church is the number source of scholarships for African American students. The church also provides guidance for parents and a moral compass to live by. If you are looking to be fed housed and clothed go to the government. The church is there to give you strenghth to stand on your own feet.

    • Please open your eyes… While in church we compete! Spend more time in church than we do with our kids or visiting our Grandparents. I see division and a place people go to when they have given up. A place to find someone else to rule over them. I see lonely people looking for family they never had. I see bullying on every level. Be honest!

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